Jelly Roll Race #3

After “borrowing” the daughter’s flannel backed quilt, the husband wanted his own. Not having too many “manly” jelly rolls laying about, I was limited on options.

He likes it. I do too. This line of fabric by Moda is one of my faves. I ordered a mottled gray flannel for the back, so it’d be nice and cozy for him. He uses it every time he watches TV. 

We have not come up with a name for it yet. So many of the quilts we use just don’t have names or labels even. I was always telling my friend Frances to label and date her quilts because she just didn’t! She’d give them as gifts with no label, or just minimal info. Always washing instructions though.

And now I’m doing the same thing. Shame on me!

Oh, I got some good mail today. Did you know Amazon sells these?

I just happened to discover it while I was browsing for some upcoming birthdays….

Here’s what was in my bag.

Pretty, huh? They aren’t WOF but they are pretty close to half that. Love them!

After this arrived I went back to read reviews on the product, and people were complaining about the selveges and just getting a bunch of brown strips. Well, I didn’t read those until today, which was probably a good thing.

For me.

Not them.

Cuz I got the pretties.

And I’d do it again! 

Next time I’m shopping for upcoming birthdays! HA!



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