Friday’s Finish x 7

In need of another quick, bright and fun project, I went to my charm pack supply. Planning to make small table toppers, I cut the charms, Moda’s Chance of Flowers, into wedges. (The Perwinkle template from MSQC.) Since there are 42 charms in each pack, and I used 6 per topper, I ended up with seven, count ’em, 7 table toppers!

Love them! And I especially love it when I remember one of the quilty tricks that makes my life easier and makes me smile like a three year old with a bowl of M & M’s. 


Even THAT is cute! To achieve this cuteness, one must STOP sewing 1/4″ from the centers. Then you will press all the seams in the same direction and IT. JUST. HAPPENS! Seven times, my friends.

Why do I need seven, you may ask? 

I don’t. Spring hasn’t sprung yet but it will one of these days! I’ve got family who love this sort of thing. Anyhoo, choosing background fabrics was harder than it should have been. One of these was really “iffy” but I used it anyways. Can you guess which one?

I know you can. I usually layer the backing and the top on the batting then trim the excess away after sewing. Obviously I leave a section for turning. It works and I skip having to do binding when I’m trying to do a fast cute thing.

After turning I press and pin the sections. This is pre-pressing…. I also make sure to back stitch so nothing comes apart.

Okay, I have discovered a way to sew the opening shut AND quilt the topper without having to stop. I’ve marked part of it on one of them, and I don’t know if this will be clear or not. So here goes nothing.

I start at the opening, moving the pin as I sew. Pivot at the corner, continue to the next “corner,” stopping with the needle down. Turn so the edge of the presser foot is next to the seam line. Sew all the way across the topper to the opposite edge, stopping with the needle down. (It would be just past my drawn line in the pic below.) Pivot again, sewing the edge of the pink section, not the yellow.

Continue in this manner until arriving back at the start place. Keeping the needle down, turn the topper to sew on the piece on the left, the yellow dot fabric in the above sample. 

This time, as you sew next to the seams, the presser foot will be on the other side of the seam line. (I’ve switched toppers, forgot to take this pic with the original one.)

But you can see that the foot is on the other side. Sewing (quilting) continues in this way until arriving at the end. Which is right next to the start place.

A little bit of backstitching and that’s all she wrote! I love these and I love having a little pile of them to share. Here is what they look like on the backside.

And yes, the funky white with yellow flowers is the weird one that I’m not crazy about. 


Have a good weekend, friends.



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