WIP Wednesday

A while back the husband became aware of super hero fabric. And Star Wars fabric. And Star Trek, too. I tried to keep it quiet but he is a clever kind of guy and he snoops. So after acquiring “some” he informed me that “we” probably had enough to make a quilt. (Yes, he is helpful that way.)

So I looked for a pattern that wouldn’t chop all his heroes to bits and found the Shadow Block tutorial by MSQC. Jenny Doan is always ready with a solution to my dilemmas. I even had the gray “shadowy” fabric already. 


This is the top. It’s huge!

The husband chose special fabric for a border, but it’s really large enough as it is. (I certainly don’t want it on the BED!) Since he doesn’t agree with me yet, it waits to be completed. I love the placement of the yellow blocks, kind of makes the center stand out some….

See that large center block?

Yeah, that wasn’t in the pattern.

He says to me, “Can you use this whole part so all the heroes show in one place?” Which means, “Jazz it up!” So I took four of the shadow blocks out and replaced them with the large one. Honestly, it was not that hard.

Even though there was math involved, which I HATE, I still did it right the first time.

Now he thinks it’s awesome. 

It did turn out pretty cool.

I still don’t want to add borders though.

Is it weird to mix Star Wars, Star Trek and super hero fabrics? Maybe, but he was okay with it so we carry on.

I had so much cut that I decided to make two kid-sized quilts for a friend’s little guys. They aren’t abnormally large and still need borders.

What fun, huh? I’m hoping to have them completed in the next month or so.

Husband got home from Japan a while ago. So good to see his face!

Hope you see a face you love today!



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