Just a Little Bit Sorry

I admit it, I was a bad visitor. I took pictures of quilts that are for sale. This is frowned upon in quilt circles. And I’m a little bit sorry but I just didn’t want to NOT remember about this neat quilt.

See how it’s done? 

It’s gorgeous! I used to have the little wonky square to make those weird units, but there was so much waste! So I got rid of it. 

But this. This is beautiful. I love the colors and the design. Truly a work of art.

See why I’m only a wee bit sorry?

This next one is lovely.

As much as I love this design and leafiness, I have never made a leaf quilt. I love the different colors. This shop seems to always have a few of these made up and ready to go home with me. 

Maybe one of these days.

Lastly, the one my husband liked.

Yes, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? An interesting Log Cabin for him, thank you very much.

I love seeing all the Amish quilts that there are in the area. Every time we go something else is popular. (That leaf quilt has been a staple for years.) 

All of these were seen at the Little Helpers Quilt Shop. Husband bought a belt.

Others we saw….

I love the fancy quilting regardless of the busy fabrics. It almost gets lost, but doesn’t.

How ’bout that blue, brown and gold! Interesting! Quilts are everywhere in Shipshewana. If you look back at the candy shop pics, there’s one in the feather pop pic. 

A few other cute things we saw:

Being a tea lover, this was definitely “my cuppa tea!”

Please, it’s about to get even cornier.

Get it? A coffee spoon!

Cheese boards! So fun! This stamped silverware is really lots of fun. It’s beautiful and well made.

Here our fave.

I know you love it. This had us laughing out loud in the Blue Gate Bakery.

Finally, something cute in honor of National Pig Day yesterday (March 1st). And yes, it’s a real thing.

Love it. 

And now we return to our regularly scheduled program.

Happy quilting, friends.



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