All Babies Need Quilts

I thought I’d share some baby quilts that I’ve made in the past couple of years. I’m a big believer that EVERY baby needs a quilt.

I don’t care if it’s a firstborn, second born or third. That third-born kid especially needs his own quilt! 

This is a terrible picture and I’ve never gotten a good one of it. I called it “Embrace the Green.” 

A weird name for a baby quilt for sure, but soooo appropriate. I hosted the baby shower for my brother and his wife, and as they didn’t know the sex of the baby, we went with lots of green for decorations, etc. When I made the quilt, I actually found tons of cute green fabrics, so I used them. It was a lot of fun, even though green is so not my fave color. I loved this little quilt and was thrilled to give it to them. 

Okay, I don’t remember the name of this one, but what an easy peasy pattern! A young couple had a baby boy and the daddy is a fireman! So this was lots of fun to make and received many Oooo’s and ahhh’s. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve used a scrappy binding. Very fun! This is a great pattern when the focus fabric is in limited supply. I think I had a yard or so of the fire truck/ladder fabric. Filling in with other stuff that goes can be really cute.

Here’s a fun one. All I had of that darling brown fabrics in the centers was about half a yard! Adding stuff that goes can made a little bit go far. This quilt was sent to a sweet baby girl. She’s actually the cousin (?) to the recipient of the “Lets go to Alaska first” quilt. I met her mom when she was around 10. And yes, I don’t remember the name of this one either. 

This pair was made for baby twins. Our minister’s daughter had premature babies and they definitely needed quilts! The babies, a boy and a girl will be 2 in July. It was a blessing to make these for them.

A good friend who moved away several years ago knew she was having a baby girl. I asked the. mommy what colors baby would like. (I figure if we know what the baby is, the mommy will know what the baby likes.) She liked pink and gray. Very popular at the time. I ordered a couple fabrics and made them work with what I had. Using the red as a skinny border was a little strange, but since there was red in the flower print, I did it anyway. Chevrons, not my favorite thing, finished it off. I do love the dotty binding. 

A baseball themed quilt for a third baby boy. This was fun to make too, and I don’t recall the name. The baseball fabric was a fave here, and the cute little ball players. Like I said, third babies need their own quilt.

Okay, just one more and I will stop for the day….

Oh I love this one. I do. This was made for a good friend who became a grandma. I love giving quilts to first time grandmas. This friend had crocheted a beautiful beautiful afghan for her granddaughter, giving it at the baby shower. She had used a pretty pink, green and cream color. I knew her Grandma Quilt had to be those colors. She was surprised and just clever enough to figure out what I did.

It is windy and foggy here today, friends. I think I’ll go sew something.



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