A Cuddly Mess

Once I started making the cute minkee cuddly blankee, I just couldn’t stop!

But not because it was fun. (Well, it was sort of fun in that it went together fast.)

What a mess! Here’s what my pants wore while I was clipping the raggedy seams.

Not only was it on my pants. It was on the chair, the pillow, the carpet, the table next to me and all over the place in my sewing room.

Once you begin this project, I think it’s best to finish it ASAP! I really should have clipped it in the sewing room, you know, keep the mess in one place, but nooooooo. I require comfort. I used the Fiskars rag snip scissors and even today I don’t have a cramp in my hand. Booya!

Here’s a pic of the cutie blankee, made especially for my nephew.

It really is super soft and pillowy. I can’t wait to give it to him! The back is as cute as the front. As seen in the top right portion in this pic below.

It’s so fluffy!!!!!!!

Finally, I decided yesterday that I couldn’t part with the scrappies from the Red Riding Hood top so I sewed them together and made teeny tiny 4 patches. They are so STINKIN’ adorable!

I’ve got more to trim up, next time I’m in the sewing room.

After a week of not doing much else around here, I’ve got to catch up before the husband gets home from Japan! 

I hope you have a nice week!



3 thoughts on “A Cuddly Mess

  1. When I worked at my LQS (before it closed) I hated to cut the Cuddle/Minkie fabrics for customers because of the mess. Shortly after we started carrying them the owner got a little vacuum for us to use on the counter and ourselves after we cut this stuff for customers. But the fabrics are soooo soft and pretty! Love the ones you used.

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  2. Can I make a suggestion? The first time I bought minky, I was horrified when the gal at the quilt shop cut my order and there was nothing but fuzz everywhere. I have to admit that the minky stayed in a bag for years until I had someone tell me that all you need to do is get a small hand vac and vacuum the cut seams. There is no more fuzz once you do that. I have now made several minky quilts and love them and I am fuzz free. By the way, your quilts are adorable.

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