Sweet Sunday

After a week of dark fabrics I was ready for something bright! I had a layer cake that was already unwrapped and messy so I figured I’d use that.

Here’s my pile of blocks, pre-trim status. I used another of the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials, the Tea Cup quilt. (I’m not sure why they called it that, except for the line of fabric they used.)

The stripes are pretty wild, huh? I love the little Red Riding Hood girl in the pink block in the corner. In my hurry to get blocks done I didn’t really keep track of how many there were. So my plan was a square quilt, I LOVE square quilts! So I arranged them to my liking, and was one short for my 5 x 5 layout.

Luckily I had this border fabric too, so I cut out a section and pretended it was a block! Booya!

I love it!

And my fave block…..

It’s the one from the first pic!

So here it is. It went together quick and easy! I don’t have a plan for borders, if I do any. Or a plan on who this is for. So it’ll have to be a UFO for a while.

And since I wasn’t doing anything else, I thought I’d give the minkee layer cakes a go.

I first cut them into charm size pieces, making a ridiculous mess on my mat, my floor and myself. I laid them out to do the Cuddly Pillow Quilt (also Missouri Star Quilt Co.) for my nephew.

Even doing THAT was messy!

Here’s how far I got last night.

Hoping to finish it up today.

Normally I don’t have weeks where I can sew like I have lately. The husband is in Japan for work, and the daughter started a new job. 

This sort of thing makes for much alone time for this quilter. Gotta fill it!

Hope your Sunday is sweet, friends.



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