The Quilt is in the Mail….

“Asian Breeze” is on its way to the BIL! Believe me, I am glad to have it out of here. It turned out pretty well and husband was happy…..I’m just so tired of looking at it!

The last time I mailed a quilt, about three weeks ago, it went on a weird detour.

I had finished a baby quilt for a dear friends daughter. I sent it out right after her baby was born and hoped it’d be there for him shortly after they got home. Well, the quilt was headed to Virginia, south and east of me.

It went to Anchorage. Alaska.

Go figure.

This was especially funny to us because I first met my friend and her daughter (who had the baby) IN Alaska!

So, this quilt, Asian Breeze (named by my husband) is headed to California. Way west of here.

Where do you think it will go first?

Maybe Michigan, because that’s where BIL is from. 

Maybe Tennessee, because I lived there once.

Maybe Alaska, because because.

Maybe it will actually go right to him, IN California. One can hope.

His surgery went well, for any who are curious. 

I started on a quick quilt last night. I just wanted to work with some lighter fabrics. Today I will trim down the blocks and hopefully get a picture up tomorrow.

Have a good day, friends!



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