Friday’s Fabric & Almost a Finish

While we were in Shipshewana last week, the husband and I chose some fabrics. I went there with a list and a mission. He went with dread and Visa.

Here are some half yard cuts which are disguised as fat quarters. Pretty sneaky, if you ask me, but a happy surprise for this quilter! Do you LOVE those little sheep? I sure do!

This is a little kit they had bagged up to make a log cabin table runner (or whatever) then attach the horse and buggys. There are two in there. The yellow goes in the center, with blue on two sides then green on the other two. It’s so lovely. I did not buy the directions, surely I can figure this out….

These are some of the fabrics I went for big time! You can see the ones that the husband snuck in. (Top row – 1, 3, 4, 7 and we agreed on the postcard fabric.) I love love love them all! Well, mostly the ones I picked, but I do get to use them all at some point! 

This group is a combination of the Wishes line by Moda and one of their other ones that I can’t recall the name of the line. I really should because I used it for husband’s JRR quilt. But I don’t. The dark green on the left was chosen by “not me” and the rolls are actual fat quarters.

See how they’re wrapped up with a scrap of themselves? It’s the little things….

So that’s the haul from last weekend. As always, I had a blast choosing fabrics and seeing what the Amish are quilting these days. We don’t get there often, so I must enjoy while I can.

Yesterday I got the Billy’s quilt quilted. I started out doing “L’s”, cursive ones, but it was getting really hard to not be jerky with the bulk of the quilt. I kept getting stupid check mark looking loops. Not happy. So I quit doing the loops and started sort of doing “tree bark.” The pins, every 5 inches or so were making me nuts. I didn’t break any needles, but the thread broken couple times. Here’s the quilting, a small section on the front.

Not great, but I can deal with it. Maybe I should have done the straight lines or wavy ones. But it’s hard fighting with so. much. quilt. Here’s a shot of the back.

Kind of tree-y and barky looking.

I’m planning to put the binding on tonight and get the label on too. I want it in the mail tomorrow.

So that’s what’s what around here.

Have a good weekend, friends!



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