WIP Wednesday

Of course it’s still a WIP! But it’s well on its way to being gloriously done! Remember yesterday’s mission? The quilt for the brother? Well, I’ve got almost all the ducks in a row! Here’s a pic of the top before borders.

Looking pretty busy, but that’s okay with me! Quick and easy are the key words in this story, friends. I knew I’d need a border as the brother, Billy is just as tall as the husband. At this point the top was only 54″ x 65″ or so. I chose a fabric that I did not use in the body of the quilt for the first border, and the second too, actually.

I just wanted a teeny bit of it to show, so it’s just 1.5″ strips. (Look at my poor #37 on my quarter inch foot. Isn’t that pitiful?) I cut the next border the width of my ruler, 5 inches, BECAUSE ITS EASY! I chose a color that was IN the quilt but not a showstopper (like the ridiculous yellow. Yes, I wish I had used fewer yellows. sigh). 

Here it is all laid out on the floor. I hate the floor. It was time to figure out a backing, which was really pretty simple. I had an awesome batik that has both the border colors (red and coolio blue) in it, so that was easy! 

Yay. So the backing was made and the seam pressed and I even went ahead and made the binding, using the coolio blue border fabric. I had enough of that fabric to cut the borders and binding lengthwise instead of WOF. Booya. Three seams in the whole entire binding! 

Please ignore the mess in the corner, that’s the last few weeks worth of scrappies.

So it is finally really time to baste this sucker. As I said in my About section of this blog, I HATE BASTING! I’m pretty sure I don’t know a quilter who likes it. 

So I decided to stall. (Sometimes you just have to trick yourself into doing what you know you must by doing something else for a bit.)

So I did this.

Yeah, well, it took a few minutes. I’ve been trying to DO something with the scrappies and it makes me feel organized even.

So I forced myself into basting this quilt. I did one half while my daughter sent me texts from Chicago. The other half I did in peace. Maybe the distraction of the texting was good, I don’t know, but it seemed to go very well for me today.

Probably because I’m setting a bad precedent for myself, making a quilt so quickly. Who knows what I could be asked to do next.

I think I’m going to order sushi for dinner.

Hope your WIP are going well!



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