Throw Something Thursday

Today I will be working on quilting The BIL’s quilt, so I’m posting much earlier than I normally do. See the two previous posts to know what I’m talking about. (If you wanna, I’m not the boss of you.)

The making of this little table topper made me want to throw things. Oh, I love it and think it’s really pretty and all that sort of thing. But OH. MY. GOSH! Press, fold, sew, press, fold, sew. Crazy town! So after finishing this little lovely for my mom’s birthday a year or two ago, I gave that pattern away. Some things are just not my thing.

She loves it and has it on a little table by a big chair. And it’s adorable, but enough already.

So, if you’re a quilter (and I’m guessing you are because that’s what we’re talking about here most of the time), what makes you want to throw something?

Running out of bobbin thread with only a few inches to go?

A wobbly ruler? (Dern thing!)

Maybe it’s the dreaded quarter inch seam or even worse, the scantily clad quarter inch seam? (What the heck is that anyway!) (Seriously, I know what it is, I’m just being all dramatical.)

Leave a comment and tell me, I’m interested to know what bugs you about this craft that we love!

Til later,



5 thoughts on “Throw Something Thursday

  1. People who ask me “what are you going to do with that?” I always answer politely, but I really want to scream. For me, the end result of the project is not nearly as interesting as the process of making it.

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    1. This one goes together differently than usual, but if I remember right, it probably took several hours. But it’s only about 12″ around.
      The quilt I’m making for Billy has taken about 8 hours so far. That is not including the prep time for fabrics, which was about 3 hours.


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