Can you make a quilt for my brother and send it to him so it’s there after his surgery?

This is what the husband said to me. The surgery is Friday. Of course I will do this for the man. HE TOOK ME TO SHIPSHEWANA!

Whatever you want, dear.

So I went through the oriental fabrics that we have and chose 40, just like its a layer cake. I cut them to 10″ squares and found the Missouri Star Quilt Company “Double Slice Layer Cake” tutorial and readied my blocks. Here’s a picture of the halves.


I’m not sure exactly how many I ended up with, but I think there are enough.

Does this happen to you and what do you do about it?


Depending how “off” it is, I ignore and carry on.

So here is the pile of blocks before pressing. I had to work very hard to mix up the fabrics so “sames” aren’t by each other. But I also tried to grab things as willy nilly as possible.


Here they are pressed and ready to be sewn into strips.


And here is a single block, because they’re hard to identify in my pile.


In truth, it took longer to press and cut the 10″ squares than it did to sew them together. This is one of my faves.

Here are some rows with four blocks in each. The center seam is vertical in the first block, then horizontal in the next and so on. The first block alternates between vertical seams and horizontal ones. (I believe Jenny Doan explains this in the tutorial.)


And here’s what I’ve done so far.


I’m really liking it a lot and I think hubby will and his brother certainly will. Will I have it done by the weekend to mail on Saturday? We shall see!

And here’s my cutie little teapot charm I mentioned the other day!


A cuppa sure would warm me up about now!



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