Something for Everyone!

The Davis Mercantile in Shipshewana, Indiana.


I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is the place that makes each of us smile!

There is a fun music shop called Simply Sounds, as soon as we enter the building. The husband and daughter could spend half the day in there, but I get done after about 10 minutes. So I wander….

Down the hall to the cute little shop with all kinds of girly stuff, like jewelry and purses. I picked up the Brighton teapot charm for myself this time. It even has a little teabag on it! So cute and fun!


This is the stairwell in the center of the building. I don’t believe that is a real tree though. It’s a three story building with a basement level. Some years ago the entire place burned down and when they rebuilt it, the changes really improved the “feel” of the place. It’s still comfortable and homey, but doesn’t feel run down and tired.


This is the hallway on the third floor. It was just full of puzzles! We usually buy a couple but we’ve still got puzzles from Christmas time that we haven’t done yet.


Ah, the carousel! It is so cool to have this in there. It’s a new addition since the fire. I know lots of malls have carousels, but this being a mostly Amish community, I think this is really something special.

The old timey candy store. The husband and daughter picked up taffy and his fave, bit-o-honeys. I had a sample of a double dipped chocolate malted milk ball. Just seems silly to have something that isn’t chocolate, you know?




I loved the feather pops on the Indian. Just cool looking.


This is the wall outside of a kids shop. Don’t you love all the cute little chairs? Such a fun mix! Something that always bugs me about maps though, is how very small they make Alaska. I think because I lived there for a while, I caught that “pride” that Alaskans have in the size of the state.

Well, for now, that’s what I’m sharing. I know it’s not quilty and fabricy, but I hope it’s of some interest to someone. The Amish community there has always been friendly to us. I’m sure it’s because visitors generate income, but I also see a “peace” in these people that I don’t see in the general population. Being content to live simply is a gift.

We sure love it there.



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