Laugh Lines


I thought I’d go ahead and share my daughter’s Jelly Roll Race quilt. After trying my flannel-backed quilt she asked for her own. I had several jelly rolls and let her choose. I love her choice.

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the process of the JRR quilt. We are supposed to unroll it and take the strips as they appear and attach them one after the other. So, I’m sewing all the same colors end to end. Some of them wind up next to each other, some don’t. Each JRR quilt is different because sometimes quilters don’t follow “those rules.”

The first time I attempted this, I mixed things up. Alternating the colors and styles of the strips. So what did I end up with? Lots and lots of the same colors next to each other. Live and learn, right?

So I made certain to do it the recommended way for her quilt. Not that she would care really, but this is one of those times I tried to follow the plan.

My husband names almost all of the quilts I make. He looked that the quilting on this one and came up with Laugh Lines. I did the wavy line thing over all the seams. It’s fast, easy and I love the texture. The binding is sewn on by machine too.

So, the daughter likes her flannel-backed quilt and uses it every day while watching TV.

The husband saw hers and asked where his is.

His went even faster and is even cooler than hers. I’ll take a picture and put his up later this week.

Have a good Sunday.



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