Throwback Thursday!


I’m not sure when I finished this quilt. It’s called Abbygirl, after a sweet puppy girl. She was our first pet and we loved her so much.


This is her. Anyway, once we moved from the townhouse we lived in, thought I’d make a quilt honoring her. I found cute fabric with puppies on it, and red with little heart outlines on it. Perfect for the churn dash!

On one of the corners of this quilt is an embroidered green pepper. This was Abby’s favorite snack! Once when I was making meatballs I dropped some of the diced peppers and she snapped them right up! Nice and healthy for her!

I’m pretty sure this was one of the first quilts I attempted free motion quilting on. It’s acceptable but nothing to write home about.

I started this quilt years before I finished it. Even though the puppies on it didn’t look like our Abby, I could barely manage to work on it. It took a long time before I was able to finish it up.

And now it’s one of the quilts we use regularly when it’s chilly.

Like today.

1 degree around here, people.

I need a couple of quilts on me today!



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