An Original Weird One


All righty, I made this quilt for my brother in law, Scott. The man is seriously into Van Halen. I mean, like a groupie kind of thing.

At some point he showed us some guitars in his man cave.

One of them is a copy of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar, Frankenstein.

(Okay, I wrote that sentence there and it makes absolutely no sense to me. When I think of Frankenstein, a tall, flat top, neck bolted green guy comes to mind.)

People name their guitars. My husband doesn’t, and I don’t think Scott does, but apparently when a person is famous and they have a unique guitar, they name ’em!

So, in my cleverness, I thought it’d be way cool to make him a quilt that looks like that guitar. I had the awesome red fabric, which actually was a Christmas “filler.” I was lucky enough to buy the bolt, so I had plenty.

I found black and white fabrics IN my stash, so Booya! I was set.

No pattern, since it’s just a bunch of red with various lines on top. But, it did matter which line went where and which line is black, etc. I used a simple strip, folded in half RST and pressed. I sewed the open edge down, then blind hem stitched the fold after pressing. Easy peasy.

When I finally got the lines all in place, I decided to quilt it along the lines. Not totally echo quilting, but I tried not to cross the lines. I think I quilted zig zag lines and no curves.

For some reason, pointy zig zags just seemed more right for this quilt. I used the same red for the binding and probably for the back too.

He really likes this quilt. I joke about the Frankenstein guitar name all the time. I still think it’s weird.

But quilters name the quilts. And fabric designers name the line. And I’ve heard that some people name their cars.

I guess it’s not so weird after all.



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