A Basket Case

A few years ago I received this basket pattern from the shop where we bought my sewing machine.


I think it’s really sweet. And yes, that’s fusible appliqué you see there.

I’ve decided that although “appliqué” seems to be my nemesis, I will do it if the gift/quilt calls for it.

This first one was made for my MIL. She is just a purpley kind of gal and I was happy to give her this small wall hanging for Mother’s Day one year. Yes, I kind of cheated using a basket-weave print for the basket, but it worked! If nothing else,we go with what works around here!

I used yoyos for the flowers, buttons for their centers and cutie little four-patches as the border. I’m pretty sure I blanket stitched (by machine) around all the fused pieces. A good gift.


Another good gift, made at the same time, for the same Mother’s Day was my mom’s gift, above. She is more the pink and rose kind of girl. So, another same only different type of thing for the special moms in our life. They love receiving handmade items from “us.”

And I love making them for them.

Which brings us to the one I made for me.


Yeah, mine is bigger. It’s hanging up in my sewing room (yes, I have a room for sewing. truly a lucky duck, I am). The white squares surrounding the center are pieces of fabric that I had signed by famous quilters. People like Alex Anderson, Jennifer Chiaverrini, John Flynn, Liz Porter and a few others.

Oh yeah, me and those peeps, we’re like this 👍.

No, we’re not. But I did get to meet them and clumsily ask them to sign my fabric squares. All of them were happy to do so, and I was so thrilled.

These signature squares sat in a ziploc for years. Until I finally decided to do something with them! Using some of my carefully collected and hoarded Mary Engelbreit fabrics, I made this basket quilt for myself.

I attempted quilting flowers and viney vines coming from the basket, but they’re a tad lame.

That’s okay though.

This is pretty much only seen by me and whoever comes into my sewing room. And believe me, those people aren’t looking for perfection.

After making three of these basket quilts, I put the pattern away.

I think.

Maybe I lost it, maybe I gave it away.

I don’t know. But three of the same only different is good enough.

That’s what I think about that.



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