And then I got distracted…


The other day I cut strips from an April Showers layer cake that I had.

Yeah, I know there had to be a better way to do this, but I wanted to JUST SEW SOMETHING!

So, on that same day, I sewed the strips into groups of 5 or 6, I don’t remember, okay? Then I sewed those “blocks” together in a group of seven.

Yes, they’re taller than I am.

My plan is to alternate 5″ light colored strips in between the long, long blocks.

Since I have a plan, I put it aside.

Today I sewed some other strips together for a baby quilt. Here are the leftovers.


I’m actually going to use them on the back, for interest. Cool, right?

Then I noticed I still had some of those original already cut April Showers 10″ strips laying about. So much green though! And aqua and then another sort of green and light teal.


So I sorted through what was left and made piles.

Green. And not green.

And I sewed them together making the cutest little four patches in the world.

Finally all I had left was the dreaded greens. So they now live in a pile I use for cutting mini tumblers and some other shape that I don’t know what it’s called. (Don’t worry, they will be very happy there.)

So I had 22 four patch cutie blocks.

I played around with them for a while, finally deciding on a nice layout for a table runner. Here it is.


I’m sure this will be a gift at some point this spring. Maybe you are noticing the green-ness and wonder what my problem is.

I don’t know what to tell you, friend. Green has never been my thing. I use it because mostly it’s necessary.

When we look at the color wheel, and I find the pink (which is my fave) the green is the complimentary color. And I LOVE THE PINK.

So I use the green.

But that’s not what this blog was going to be about. I was saying that I like working on one thing for a while, then another, and then another.

Distractions happen.

Eventually the projects will be completed.

Right after I start another one.

Happy weekend!



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