In the Pink


Okay, since my favorite color is pink (in all forms), I thought I’d do a post showing a few of the pink quilts I’ve made.

This first one was made for a friend who has been a friend since we met at church in second grade. I got on a basket block making kick and had soooo very many! I made her this quilt for a birthday one year. Lots of fun!


This one I posted before but I didn’t talk about it. I started this while my MIL was visiting. She wanted to do something very simple, with just squares and strips, so I prepped fabrics for her and fabrics for me. The black, white and pink color palette is one of my most favorite!

At some point my daughter got nosy and started snooping around in the sewing room. When she saw this quilt, she asked whose it was. I told her I didn’t know yet. She stated that it was hers. So it became hers. Pink and puppies, that’s her thing. So this is hers.


Last one for now. This is Pink Strawberry Lemonade, made for my sister a few years ago.

Back before the pink, orange and yellow color combo was a “thing” my sister liked it. I mean like, 25 years ago. We laughed at her, my mom and I.

Then I found the fabric. With the flowers. Pink, orange and yellow flowers.


So I made the squares with the strips around them. It’s kind of my back up block. A no brainer kind of thing for me. BUT this time I set them on-pointe and its way cool.

She loves her quilt. Me too!

This was the first post where I tried to insert photos between paragraphs. I hope it works and isn’t all crazy-town!

Have a great day!


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