My Hero II


Yesterday I put up the first quilt named My Hero. I had made it for my husband a while back. Well, being the “patriotical” sort, the man wanted a red, white and blue quilt.

He had served in the Army during our beginning, engagement and the early years of our marriage. It was appropriate for him to have this request.

I went with a scrappy look, involving pinwheels and something like an Irish chain. The block centers have eagle faces, which I fussy cut. The pinwheels each have two different fabrics. The chain blocks have the reds headed in one direction and the blues in the other. I love the secondary pattern! Once I got going on this it was really fun to see it come together. I used two different background fabrics, even though it’s a little hard to see that in the picture.

I put three borders on this one, because I had lots of squares leftover from the chain blocks. The second border has the pledge on it. The last one was just to finish it dark. Much of the time I don’t plan the borders out. I wait and see what the quilt needs. Lately I’ve been matching the binding to the border, but this was done before I started that.

This was quilted by my friend Frances. She put stars and loops in an all over pattern.

He loves this quilt.

I loved giving it to him. And like I said in yesterday’s post, he is my hero. In so many ways.

Our first few years of marriage were spent in Fairbanks, Alaska. Very far from home. We had to learn to count on each other. This is difficult enough when living near family, putting thousands of miles between us was quite the challenge.

We learned together what it was to be a family. Our own family. And we learned much having to sacrifice that time to our country. Thankfully he only served during peaceful times.

He is my hero, and always has been.

Probably always will be.




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