My Hero I


Last evening the husband asked why none of HIS quilts made the blog yet!

So here is one I made for him about 9 years ago. My husband is quite musically inclined. He used music and singing to woo me years ago. He continues to do so now.

Over the years he has collected a guitar or two (or more)! (It’s okay, I have “several” yards of fabric I’ve collected here and there.)

Anyhoo, I wanted to make him a MUSIC themed quilt. I did not want to limit myself to novelty music fabrics, so I chose a few and used colors he liked for the body of the quilt. Burgundy and cream.

But it needed something more.

So I appliquéd a life-size guitar on it!


What a pain! Before this I had attempted appliqué maybe twice. It was not my thing. But I felt it really needed it so I carried on.

How did I do this? Well, I traced his guitar onto a big piece of paper and then cut out the pieces. I had fabrics, bought specifically for this purpose, to match the body of the guitar, the fret board, the “turny things” and the all the other parts that I don’t know the names of.

This was challenging for me, to say the least, because I was making it up as I went along.

Finally it was time to quilt it, and let me tell you, it was HEAVY. In each of the stars I quilted a words that came to mind when I think of my husband.

Friend. Love. Joy. Laughter.

You get the idea.

This was his Christmas gift that year. He liked it a lot. I named this quilt My Hero because that’s what the man is to me. Every dream I ever had, he’s the answer. Every favorite time in my life, he’s there. Every answer to every prayer. He is my hero.

And he acted surprised just enough to suit me.



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