Freaky Friday


My very own race quilt! Yes, I made this one for myself, just to see how quickly I could do it. (Of course I don’t remember, but it’s done so that’s a plus.)

I used a jelly roll that I’d had for a long time and backed this quilt with flannel.

I love it! It’s warm and toasty on these cold nights in Chicagoland!

But why Freaky Friday?

Oh friends. When I washed this quilt for the first time, without a dye catcher, it bled. All over itself. This photo is a memory to me now.

I tried everything to get the color leakage out. Everything that is probably really bad to put on a quilt, so I won’t go into detail. But nothing worked completely.

I folded the quilt and put it where I couldn’t see it for a LONG time.

Finally, I decided that it’s still a warm quilt. And it was getting cold out, so I rinsed out all the many smells of soap and the other junk I slopped all over it.

And I forgave myself for trying to ruin my own quilt. I use it now. I just don’t look at it much.

And since then, I’ve made a flannel backed race quilt for my husband and my daughter. She had the nerve to ask if I was going to wreck hers.


So we are all warm and toasty.

And I still love my flannel backed quilt.

So there.



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