Through the Window


One of my all time favorites! I made this quilt for my sweet sister-in-law. She loves poppies and when I found this fabric, I knew it was perfect for her.

And lucky for me the shop had a sample using the fabric which I copied pretty much 100%. The shop was called Quilted in Joy, in Huntley, Illinois. (It has closed😞) I don’t know the name of the maker of the original though, sorry.

Anyhoo, at first my intention was to make this for my sil AND my brother, as a wedding gift. When their second or third anniversary passed, I let that idea go.

Finally I thought I’d better get busy with it….having all those ideas hanging over my head makes it a stress instead of a pleasure. (Like the MIL’s quilt.)

Once I got to the sewing it went really fast. I believe the quilt is square but I don’t recall the measurements. My friend Frances quilted it for me, beautifully as always.

My sil loves it. My brother (owner of the Lorax and Storm at Sea quilt) said they are thinking of hanging it up on the wall in their living room.

Like art.

Cool beans, right?!

Hope you’re having a good week, friends.

Lynette Louise


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