Storm at Sea Quilt


This quilt was made some time ago for my brother. He worked hard for many years to receive his Master’s degree in Pedagogy. (What the heck is THAT?! you may ask!) Here’s a hint, he teaches voice and music. Yeah, it was a revelation to me too.

Anyhoo, he deserved a special quilt and I’m tellin’ ya, this quilt had some special needs!

I used the Storm at Sea pattern from The Quiltmaker’s Gift pattern book. (I loved the book, so using the pattern book was an easy decision. It’s just as beautiful!)

A LQS was closing its doors so I went there to purchase fabric. I had a few batiks at home that I wanted to use, but once arriving at the store and seeing how everything THEY had worked so well together, I bought it all from them!

According to the pattern, I used certain fabrics in specific spots for each block. Apparently this would “help” with the illusion of curves.


After finishing the top, I really could have put anything anywhere and it still would have been lovely. But I was still following the rules at this point.

I believe I had someone quilt it for me, either my friend Frances or another lady I know. I got the binding on and called it a day.

I named this quilt “Echoes on the Lake” after the voice recital my brother was required to have. He did a fabulous job, probably because he is so very talented and he loves what he does.

And because he’s my brother.

Years after making that quilt, I’ve seen many patterns for the “Storm at Sea” block. Very few include the 4-patches in the corners of the blocks.

But this one does.

I think it’s fine with it, but would have been fine without it too. At the time I didn’t investigate other patterns. I just went with what was handy.

This quilt took a summer to make. I still get to see it at his house, just hanging around, being stormy…. It’s one of my faves.

Just like my brother.


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