Mischief Maker



Here is a recent finish, friends! Up until now everything I’ve shared with you has been something I had made in the past. And this one is now in the past too, but it’s recent…..like Sunday.

This was made for one of my dearest friend’s newest grandson. He arrived in a not-so timely fashion last Thursday. And he’s beautiful, as are my friend’s two older grandsons. (I don’t know how much they’d appreciate being called beautiful, but handsome is such a “grown-up” description for a baby boy.)

The mama of these handsome boys is a woman who has impressed me over and over again throughout her life. I met her when she was 3 years old. She was a sweetheart then and is just amazing now.

I think she gets it from HER mom.

So, this gift should arrive at her home today, according to the USPS. I’m excited for her to have it.

That’s how it is when quilters give baby quilts. It’s exciting and fun. It’s joyful and a blessing all around.

Enjoy your new quilt, Blake.

(Auntie? Lynette)


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