Over 5 years in the making!


I know. Stating “over 5 years in the making” implies that I worked on this quilt for five years.

Not so.

I chose the beautiful floral fabric by Lakehouse sometime before 2008, with a grand plan to make my MIL a special quilt for her “big” birthday. I had the pattern picked out and the sashing and everything! It was gonna be gorgeous! Her birthday was many months away though, so I figured I could wait…at least until after Christmas.

And after Valentine’s Day.

And after Mother’s Day.

And then I only had two months! That certainly wasn’t enough time for what I had planned, so I put it on the shelf.

For a couple years.

Then several years ago I thought maybe I should get on it, because she had another “big” birthday coming up. So I made a block. It was so lovely.


Until the very last minute.

Then I sewed like a crazy person and got all the blocks completed. And sashed. And bordered.

And this is where I appreciate my favorite long arm quilter friend, Frances, who made that quilt into a thing of beauty, pure and simple.

Just the binding to go!

So I finished it! Not exactly on time, FOR her birthday, but in time for her to come visit for a while and use it on our guest bed.

She loved it, and honestly, I was happy to see it go home with her.

For me, delaying the project did not endear it to me at all. Oh, I still like the fabric, I do.

But having it hanging over my head for YEARS was awful, and I dreaded the doing every time I looked at it.

I still wait until the last minute to do things. Some days it’s just how I roll.

Have you ever fallen for a fabric and then fallen out of love for it, friends? It happens. Even when the fabric is pretty.

But in the end, the MIL loves her quilt and I loved giving it to her.

THAT is the bottom line.

Have a good weekend!
Lynette L


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