What was I thinking?!


Sometime last year I started a Jelly Roll Race quilt with a Roly Poly. It was one of the Riley Blake lines with Hootie Hoot owls or something.


I was excited to use it, so I sewed those 20 strips together, end to end, then side to side, over and over again. Finally I had done all I could and I had a weird, skinny, too long and oddly thin “race” going on.

Geez, why don’t I figure out the math junk before I jump in?

Oh yeah, I. Hate. Math.

So, there it was, this skinny “race” thing. After whining about it to whoever would listen, I decided to make some star blocks out of matching fabrics. They actually turned out pretty cute, since I had some Hootie Hoot fabric for the centers. (Yeah, I had to buy it special for this! So what!) I also had enough for a border, one one side only, plus the binding.

What an ordeal.

I call it eclectic. It was totally unplanned, which is different than badly planned. It was enough to make me crazy, which is different than actually being nuts. It ended up cute enough to give to my nephew, just because. (He is not choosy, and I am his favorite Aunt Lynette.)

I named it “Whooo’s Your Auntie?”

Who said eclectic, weirdly made quilts aren’t fun?

Happy weekend, friends.

Lynette L


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