Jessica’s Quilt

Jessica's Quilt

Not a big fan of the purple.

Until this happened. About two weeks before my niece’s birthday, she requested a “zebra quilt, with purple.” I explained that I didn’t have much time to do this for her but I’d try.

Not having a lot of purple in my stash, I had to go find some at the store. Plus “zebra” fabric, as that just isn’t a staple either.

It. Was. FUN.

Who knew?!

Needing a simple design, I went with the width of my ruler, 5 inches, to cut the squares. I tried very hard to just grab them willy nilly, but I’m just not good at that. So with a little bit of fussiness, the quilt was laid out. Piecing was a breeze, and fun! Got it finished for my sweetie pie face girl in time.

Needless to say, Aunt Lynette came through…and learned something. Just because a certain color isn’t a favorite, doesn’t mean it can’t become one. Friends, this quilt sparkles! And the fun of giving it to Jessica, her look of “ah” is one of my favorites.

Now if I could just become friends with orange…


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